Acapulco Academy

The Acapulco Visitors and Convention Bureau TRIPLE-TREAT PROGRAM delivers on-going support, rewards and enticements that extend beyond your course completion and inspection visit.

Certification: Graduates will secure "continuing education credits" from The Travel Institute (US) and CITC (Canada), towards earning your professional designation as "Certified Travel Counselors."

Course Materials: at our interactive campus, you'll have access to electronic (PDF) versions of key sales materials, available on demand, in full-color, and ready to email or print for your clients.

Color Diploma/Table Tent: Graduates receive these colorful collateral items upon completion, ready to display, giving you added credibility and recognition.

Consumer Leads: The Acapulco Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) has an online database on its website, giving consumers an opportunity to search for their nearest "Acapulco Expert."

Bulletin Board/Chat: Course users are able to chat with other users via our innovative online bulletin board/chat room. Expand your knowledge and make friends with other Acapulco-selling agents.

The Triple-Treat Program makes good business sense!


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Welcome to the Acapulco Academy,
our 2012 Travel Agent Training Program

The Acapulco Convention and Visitors Bureau invites you to embark on a FREE virtual learning voyage through beautiful Acapulco. Sign up today for Acapulco Academy!

This three-tier educational program includes a Study Course, FAMtastic Inspection Trip and Study Guide. We know that knowledgeable and motivated travel agents and suppliers are Acapulco's most valuable sales ambassadors. We designed the program to expose you to Acapulco’s finer selling points. As you benefit from the three stages of this program, selling today's Acapulco to a broad range of clients will become smooth sailing.

Acapulco Academy's Program will bring you up-to-date on all that Acapulco has to offer your clients as a complete vacation experience - and, most importantly, it will boost your agency’s profits!

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